Thursday, June 30, 2022

The Tesla Model 3 computer crashes at high speed, all control buttons do not work


The dire situation played out last week when a Tesla Model 3 owner was driving down the highway when the car's computer allegedly crashed. This caused the electric vehicle to become unresponsive and stuck at a mind-boggling 83 mph.
Tesla driver says computer stuck at 83 mph/133 km/h

Rodriguez said the main screen froze and all buttons and switches stopped working while he was driving down the highway. After a few moments, the gas pedal did not respond to high speed.

“I noticed that the car got hot and there was a strange smell. I was nervous that if I slowed down hard, I wouldn't be able to pick up speed again to keep up with traffic and avoid cars. I was nervous that someone might bump into me."

He realized that the brakes were working and made a safe and controlled stop on the highway.

He worries that some security feature in the car might cause the on-board computer to shut down without warning.


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