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07 Oct 2023
The World Rally Championship calendar for 2024 is ready.

The World Rally Championship calendar for 2024 is ready. In the season, a total of 13 competitions are planned all over the world on 4 continents.
All that remains is to confirm a race in central Europe on October 27th. It will most likely be Rally Germany, but we await confirmation.
The pilots will have an early trip to Kenya, Africa at the end of March, and quite difficult logistics at the end of the year when from Europe they will have to go to Chile, back to Europe and then a trip to Japan, where the final round will be .
Here is the entire WRC calendar for the coming year 2024:

1. Rally MonteCarlo (Monaco) 26-28 Jan 2024
2. Rally Sweden (Sweden) 16-18 Feb 2024
3. Safari Rally Kenya (Kenya) 29-31 March 2024
4. Croatia Rally (Croatia) 19-21 April 2024
5. Rally Portugal (Portugal) 9-12 May 2024
6. Rally Sardegna (Italy) 31 May - 2 June 2024
7. Rally Poland (Poland) 27-30 June 2024
8. Rally Latvia (Latvia) 19-21 July 2024
9. Rally Finland (Finland) 1-4 August 2024
10. Acropolis Rally (Greece) 6-8 September 2024
11. Rally Chile (Chile) 27-29 September 2024
12. Central European 25-27 October 2024
13. Rally Japan (Japan) 22-24 Novemver 2024

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12 Feb 2023
Tänak Ott / Järveoja M.

Tänak Ott / Järveoja M. (Ford Puma Rally1 Hybrid) won Rally Sweden 2023. They managed to fight off Breen Craig / Fulton James (Hyundai i20 N Rally1 Hybrid), who even led in Rally Sweden. But they still trailed the strong Ford crew by 18.7 seconds, 10 of which after a penalty.
Neuville T. / Wydaeghe M. (Hyundai i20 N Rally1 Hybrid) lost second place after the final stage, 20.0 seconds behind the leader and just 1.3 seconds behind Craig Breen.
Rovanperä K. / Halttunen Jonne (Toyota GR Yaris Rally1 Hybrid) failed to make a clean race in snowy Sweden and remained in 4th position at 25.1 seconds.
Evans Elfyn / Martin Scott (Toyota GR Yaris Rally1 Hybrid) had snow and car problems and were 1:24.1 behind. After them, the differences grew significantly in the general classification.
The Power Stage was won by Lappi Esapekka / Ferm Janne (Hyundai i20 N Rally1 Hybrid) who drove the max stage, finishing 7th overall after a tough weekend for the crew.
In the Power Stage, second, third and fourth had identical times, all 0.6 seconds behind Lappi. This ranking was achieved by Evans, Rovanpera and Tanak.
First in RC2 are Swedes Solberg Oliver / Edmondson E. (Škoda Fabia RS Rally2).
This is what the winner Ott Tanak said after the final: It obviously means a lot to me, to come into a new car and deliver to these guys [at M-Sport]. It's a big effort for them to fight against such big manufacturers. I am sure they are getting quite a bit of stress from me, but as long as it's delivering then we are all winning. It's great to be part of this team.
The next round of the WRC championship is the Guanajuato Rally México on March 16-19.
Ott Tanak came out on top in the championship after round two, Rally Sweden 2023.

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22 Jan 2023
Already after the first race of the World Rally Championship, the Monte-Carlo Rally, we can say that the 2023 season will be Toyota's season.

Already after the first race of the World Rally Championship, the Monte-Carlo Rally, we can say that the 2023 season will be Toyota's season. The combination of the best car and top level drivers is the most important step towards the 2023 championship.
The top two places in Monte-Carlo went to Toyota and both drivers are WRC champions.
Sebastien Ogier's very strong performance earned him victory in the first race of 2023.
Ogier S. / Landais Vincent took the lead after the first stage and held the top spot throughout. This is a very strong claim for the championship title this season.
Ogier's team-mate Kalle Rovanpera was not as consistent during the race, but still stood at the front and managed to reach second place just 18.8 seconds behind Ogier.
The third place goes to the team of Hyundai and Neuville T. / Wydaeghe M.
Neuville continues to be unconvincing after exiting the track, thankfully with very little loss, as well as an overheated tire and spin problem. But overall the podium is a very good start to the season.
Actually, in the last two days of the competition, there were no changes in the forehead. The tracks remained mostly dry.
Among the other teams, Tänak Ott / Järveoja M. with Ford Puma finished first, as Tanak complained about problems with power steering. Tanak's gap of 2:34.8 is serious, with the other Toyota car crewed by Evans Elfyn / Martin Scott in front of him.
Katsuta T. / Johnston Aaron (Toyota GR Yaris Rally1 Hybrid) complete the six.
The Power Stage was won by Rovanperä K. / Halttunen Jonne (Toyota GR Yaris Rally1 Hybrid), with Ott Tanak just 0.6s behind. in the second position in the stage.
Sordo Dani / Carrera Cándido complained of multiple problems with the hybrid Hyundai i20 N Rally1 and were extremely unhappy with the 7th position.
Gryazin Nikolay / Aleksandrov K. (Škoda Fabia RS Rally2) finished first in RC2, just 4.5 seconds ahead of Rossel Yohan / Dunand Arnaud (Citroën C3 Rally2).
The next race of the championship is Rally Sweden on 9-12 February 2023.

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