Tuesday, August 09, 2022

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WEF: The end of the personal car is coming

According to a report, the World Economic Forum (FEC) wants to end “wasteful” private vehicle ownership and instead replace it with “communal sharing” of cars in an effort to reduce global demands for fossil fuels and precious metals.


The Chinese social rating is practically active in all new cars in Europe

From July 6, 2022, all new cars sold in the EU will be equipped with mandatory black boxes that record technical data and will be available to the authorities.


The Tesla Model 3 computer crashes at high speed, all control buttons do not work

The dire situation played out last week when a Tesla Model 3 owner was driving down the highway when the car's computer allegedly crashed.


Chery Remains China’s Largest Auto Exporter for 19 Consecutive Years

Despite COVID-19 challenges and global shortage of semi-conductor chips, Chery sold 961,926 units, which is not only a massive 37% year-on-year increase but also a record-breaking figure for the Chinese automaker.




Veteran in Rally Sport Sebastian Loeb leads after the first day of the Monte Carlo Rally 2022

Today the fight was mainly between the two Frenchmen Sebastian Loeb and Sebastien Ogier.


The French are the fastest in the shakedown of the Monte Carlo Rally 2022

Rally Season 2022 at the World Rally Championship began with the opening ceremony right in front of the Monte Carlo Casino.


First victory for Audi's electric car with Carlos Sainz

The stage was shortened to 255 km today due to still wet and impassable routes.


Greenpeace Sues Volkswagen Over Carbon Emissions Targets

Greenpeace have sued Volkswagen in a German court, accusing the automaker for “fueling the climate crisis” and failing to do its part to combat climate change.

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