Thursday, December 07, 2023

Used car tires are now becoming valuable


Federal highways in Russia will be built from recycled tires.
In Russia, they plan to use the maximum amount of composite materials in construction.
The New Construction Technologies company, which is part of the RUSNANO portfolio, will become the main supplier of composite materials for asphalt concrete, which is used by specialists of the Federal Road Agency for the construction of federal highways. In 2023, innovative products are planned to be used for the construction and reconstruction of roads in the Tula, Oryol, Kursk and Belgorod regions.

As part of the memorandum signed by Rosavtodor and the Russian Environmental Operator, the country is going to expand the use of modifiers for the construction of federal highways. The agreement implies the use of recycled and composite materials for the construction, reconstruction and repair of roads, as well as to increase the economic efficiency of road activities and environmental safety.

The introduction of secondary modifiers in asphalt concrete will be part of the transition to a circular economy. In addition, the use of innovative composite materials will improve road safety, as well as reduce the risk of traffic accidents.

In mid-July, Vladimir Putin instructed the government to repair 85 percent of the country's highways by 2027. The five-year reconstruction plan includes the use of composite materials.

Attempts are also being made to produce biodiesel from used car tires.

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