Sunday, November 27, 2022

Hyundai is the Most Misspelled Brand Online


Hyundai is the most misspelled brand on the internet according to a report from Among the top 20 most misspelled names, top 3 are automobile brands and total 7 among the top 20.
According to the report, Hyundai is misspelled by more than 600,000 users a month and common errors include Hundia and Hiundai. In the second place is Lamborghini, with an average of 365,000 inaccurate online searches a month for the Italian luxury sports car manufacturer. Those searching for Lamborghini, are typically misspelling it as ‘Lamborgini’ (351,000 monthly searches) and ‘Lambogini’ (14,000 monthly searches).
Ferrari is in third position with its misspelled name ‘Ferari’ searched online for an average 123,000 times a month. Other automotive brands with misspelled names in the list include Suzuki, Bugatti, Volkswagen and Porsche.

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