Friday, July 19, 2024

Tag: "fire"


London's cleanest air zone has turned into a nightmare

Instead of breathing clean air, central London's zero-emission zone has turned out to be a sooty zone.


An electric car ignited and destroyed a huge ship off the Netherlands

A fire in a brand new electric car has led to a major fire on a ship carrying cars.


Electric vehicles continue to burn and pollute the air

Two self-igniting electric vehicles in recent days add new safety and environmental concerns.


Mass ignitions of electric cars after Hurricane Ian

Due to Hurricane Ian in Florida, you can now see a large number of disconnected electric vehicles, some of which spontaneously ignited.


A parked Tesla car caught fire and destroyed other cars

In previous materials, we warned that it is already too dangerous to park in closed or underground parking lots, because electric cars have access to them.


A jet fighter but on 4 wheels

The GM Firebird is the land-based incarnation of the jet-powered Douglas F4D Skyray.


An American flew across the ocean to buy a Ferrari, and it burned down

An American came to France to buy a dream Ferrari.


Another ecologically clean transport gassed an entire neighborhood

Another accident with a bus again after self-immolation.


One charge on your scooter can cost you your health, your life and your house

An eco-friendly urban electric scooter caught fire while charging at home.


First fire with an electric Kia EV6

A first-ever fire incident involving Kia’s award-winning all electric EV6 has surfaced the internet.

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