Sunday, November 27, 2022

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The new Moskvich 3 gets a new name, petrol and electric version

Vehicle Type Approvals (OTTS) for the new Moskvich appeared on the Web.


Croatian electric car is the fastest in the world with a track record

Croatian hypercar Rimac Nevera has become the fastest mass-produced electric car in the world.


Mass ignitions of electric cars after Hurricane Ian

Due to Hurricane Ian in Florida, you can now see a large number of disconnected electric vehicles, some of which spontaneously ignited.


BMW's heaviest hybrid supercrossover comes with an even bigger grille

BMW M is entering a new era with the introduction of the XM super-crossover, the first Bavarian plug-in hybrid.


Volkswagen presents an autonomous car with two beds

Volkswagen Group will present the concept of an electric autonomous car called Gen.Travel as part of the Chantilly Arts & Elegance exhibition, which will be held on September 24 and 25 in Chantilly, France.


1.1 million Tesla vehicles recalled due to safety concerns

A record recall campaign has been announced in the US.


Another ecologically clean transport gassed an entire neighborhood

Another accident with a bus again after self-immolation.


One charge on your scooter can cost you your health, your life and your house

An eco-friendly urban electric scooter caught fire while charging at home.


Yet another country has created a sports car on its own

In Belarus, on September 10, a sports roadster created on its own with a purely electric power plant was presented.


Electric car Volkswagen ID.4 GTX turned into an extreme SUV

Volkswagen introduced the ID.Xtreme electric SUV.

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