Thursday, December 07, 2023

Old Soviet cars turned price decline into growth


The secondary car market in Russia is fueled by parallel imports and is gradually normalizing. There is no shortage of vehicles inside, and the cost is getting smaller. But until recently, the cheapest class, in which Soviet and Russian models are presented, is in no hurry to drop prices, but even with such a price, cars continue to be sold.
Winter events dealt a serious blow to the Russian automotive market. At that time, almost all models rose sharply in price. In modern conditions, Russian cars are valued as expensive as the old Japanese, who have not yet had time to leave their resource.
“Muscovites” is a classic that is not included in this trend. But if we consider the common Zhiguli for daily use, you can buy a car from 150,000 rubles ($2500).
This is too high a cost, but it has already formed in the market. Since ads disappear from sites, we can conclude that even with such a price list, cars sell well. A logical explanation would be bargaining, which is included in the cost of cars in the secondary market, but most of the sellers are not ready to discount the price set initially. In the best case, the discount reaches 5%.
Experts have found an explanation for this phenomenon in the market. So, the citizens of Russia heard enough news and concluded that buying a foreign car in modern conditions may be unprofitable. As a result, many have decided to purchase cars that are as simple as possible in design, which do not cause maintenance problems. This category includes Russian and Soviet models.
However, buying a domestic car does not free you from problems. Most of the copies on sale were produced before the 1990s. The design uses low quality parts. In addition, many cars are redoing - converted to meet the requirements of our time. Repairing such a vehicle is not easy.


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