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04 Nov 2022
The brightest car can be made even more interesting.

The brightest car can be made even more interesting. Sometimes automakers create special versions even for those models that are rare in themselves. At the same time, the circulation of such performances is usually limited, and fans buy up all copies even before the start of production and the announcement of the price, or even before the official premiere. In this case, those who did not have time to purchase the desired novelty are forced to turn their attention to the secondary. Sellers take advantage of this: sometimes they value used cars more than new ones.

In the 2000s, the Italian company assembled 50 coupes based on the Ferrari Enzo. The MC12 GT1 racing car won many victories and became the basis for the track version of the MC12 Versione Corse: one of 12 such cars is now on sale.

A supercar with a six-liter 755-horsepower V12 and a six-speed sequential gearbox is not allowed on ordinary roads and can only be driven on sports tracks. Atelier Edo Competition (Germany) turned three out of 12 copies into road cars. Of the remaining nine, three have ever been on the track and six have not been driven at all.

Mc12 4

This Blue Victory-painted car is just one of those: it covered 208 kilometers in production and during delivery to the buyer. The two-door is authentic: even the standard equipment for maintenance has been preserved.

The price has not been announced, but 16 years ago, during the premiere of the model, each copy was estimated at one million euros. Now the cost of a perfectly preserved car can be much higher.

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02 Nov 2022
Federal highways in Russia will be built from recycled tires.

Federal highways in Russia will be built from recycled tires.
In Russia, they plan to use the maximum amount of composite materials in construction.
The New Construction Technologies company, which is part of the RUSNANO portfolio, will become the main supplier of composite materials for asphalt concrete, which is used by specialists of the Federal Road Agency for the construction of federal highways. In 2023, innovative products are planned to be used for the construction and reconstruction of roads in the Tula, Oryol, Kursk and Belgorod regions.

As part of the memorandum signed by Rosavtodor and the Russian Environmental Operator, the country is going to expand the use of modifiers for the construction of federal highways. The agreement implies the use of recycled and composite materials for the construction, reconstruction and repair of roads, as well as to increase the economic efficiency of road activities and environmental safety.

The introduction of secondary modifiers in asphalt concrete will be part of the transition to a circular economy. In addition, the use of innovative composite materials will improve road safety, as well as reduce the risk of traffic accidents.

In mid-July, Vladimir Putin instructed the government to repair 85 percent of the country's highways by 2027. The five-year reconstruction plan includes the use of composite materials.

Attempts are also being made to produce biodiesel from used car tires.

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31 Oct 2022
The results of the competition will be summed up by the end of 2022.

The results of the competition will be summed up by the end of 2022.

Japan Car of the Year (JCOTY) is an annual automotive award that has been held since 1980. The best of the best are selected by a jury, which includes Japanese journalists and market experts. In the current season 2022/2023, almost five dozen models will compete for the title. An important condition is that all of them entered the Japanese market from November 1, 2021 to October 31, 2022, and their circulation is at least 500 copies. At the end of November, a shortlist will be published, which will include 10 cars, and at the beginning of December the winners will be announced.

The long list includes Japanese companies: five Toyota models (Corona, Sienta, Noah/Voxy, bZ4X, Razie Hybrid), four Nissan models (Ariya, X-Trail, Sakura, aka Mitsubishi eK Cross EV, Fairlady Z) ), three Subaru (Solterra, Legacy Outback, WRX S4), two Lexus (NX, LX), two Daihatsu (Rocky HEV, Move Canvas), two Honda (Civic e:HEV/Civic Type R, StepWGN) and one Mazda CX -60.

Almost half of the list is occupied by European cars. These are four Audi models (A8, e-tron S, RS3, SQ2), three Mercedes-Benz (C-Class All Terrain, EQB and EQS), three Volkswagen (Golf R/Golf R Variant, Polo, T-Roc R) and three Renaults (Arkana, Captur E-Tech Hybrid, Lutecia/Megane E-Tech Hybrid).

Also, two BMW models (2-Series Coupe, iX), two Citroen (C4 / E-C4, C5X), two DS (4 and 9) and two Maserati (Levante GT, MC20) claim the title of the best model in Japan.

Volvo (C40 Recharge), Peugeot (308/308 SW), Land Rover (Range Rover), Ferrari (296 GTB) and Fiat (500e/500e Open) have one model each.

American models were also on the long list: Jeep Grand Cherokee L and Tesla Model Y. Only Hyundai Ioniq 5 and Nexo were selected from Korean cars.

Last year, the Nissan Note hatchback took home the title of best car in the Japanese market, competing for the title with the Toyota GR86/Subaru BRZ, Toyota Land Cruiser 300, Chevrolet Corvette and other finalists.

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