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30 Dec 2022
The specific case is from Kyiv, Ukraine.

The specific case is from Kyiv, Ukraine. Power outages and power outages affect electric vehicle owners.
A resident of Kyiv decided to put "improvements" in Elon Musk's car.
Using a trunk-mounted generator allows the Tesla to survive in areas without electricity.

How the share of electric cars is changing in the United States

Very soon, similar "innovations" can be expected in Switzerland and Sweden, where owners of electric cars are prohibited from charging their cars with electricity.
Where is the ecology? Forget about her, opening the coal plants is on the agenda.

Where can you mine bitcoins with very good profits?

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20 Dec 2022
The French company Bugatti is preparing for the debut of a kind of hypercar, which characterizes as a one-of-a-kind car, and not launched into mass production.

The French company Bugatti is preparing for the debut of a kind of hypercar, which characterizes as a one-of-a-kind car, and not launched into mass production. A special Bugatti model will be presented at a special event of the auction house RM Sotheby's, scheduled for December 21st. Why the auction house was chosen as the organizer is unclear, and this only adds to the mystery of the novelty. In the meantime, it is proposed to consider teasers.

In the image, the car, shown in profile, is covered with a boot. The fabric is quite dense, but still allows you to distinguish some details. So, the branded C-shaped element, like the truncated stern, hints at a certain version of the Chiron, which has not previously been presented to the general public. There is also a spoiler on the back.

Where can you mine bitcoins with very good profits?

Bugatti has already shown secret concepts. So, in 2020, the GT Rembrandt saw the light with a front-mounted W16 with a capacity of 1,500 horsepower, reminiscent of the design of La Voiture Noire - the most expensive car of the brand. At the same time, the company revealed the Atlantic coupe, dedicated to the classic Type 57SC Atlantic, and the extreme version of the Veyron with the Barchetta prefix.

Later, another teaser appeared on social networks, which slightly reveals the front of the car.

Its name was also announced - Chiron Profilee, finally confirming that we are talking about a Chiron modification.

The FTX Collapse: A Dress Rehearsal for the Collapse of States and Fiat Money

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15 Dec 2022
The more expensive the car, the more expensive its maintenance.

The more expensive the car, the more expensive its maintenance. But what if the price of a new acquisition starts at three million dollars? It is clear that during a visit to the technical center you will have to spend a little more than your annual salary in Tasty and that's it, but how much more? Alas, even if your Bugatti Chiron is bought as an investment and sits in the garage most of the time, it will continue to mercilessly devour the bank account. Today we will talk about servicing a car that even has a brake caliper like a small car.

Yes, there are things in the life of Bugatti owners that can be annoying. One, for example, complained that he liked to drive his "Chiron" with open windows and accelerate to breathtaking speed.

Who knew that for Bugatti these things are mutually exclusive? With intense acceleration, the hypercar automatically closes the windows, and its owner has to constantly deal with this annoying effect.

What about annoying maintenance bills? There are a lot of videos on the Internet with shocking prices for Bugatti parts, but you need to make a reservation right away that the abyss of money will not open up before you in the first years of owning a hypercar.

For the first four years, you will have a warranty that includes recommended annual maintenance at the expense of the manufacturer. Yes, luxury brands often include it in the cost of the car.

But then depreciation expenses will begin to wag your wallet with the ruthlessness of a flock of piranhas. First, Bugatti recommends changing oil, filters and other technical fluids every year. And this is a whole adventure, which takes 14 hours by factory standards.

Bugatti Chiron 9

After all, if in an ordinary car there can be several drain holes for oil, then the Bugatti with a 16-cylinder engine has 16 of them, from which, by coincidence, a little more than 16 liters of oil flows out. Yes, this eight-liter big man needs a lot of lubrication.

At the same time, the Bugatti models have to do a partial disassembly of the rear in order to gain access to all service points. So this whole procedure will cost the equivalent of $24000, and in 10 years it will result in $240 000.

Other service procedures will take just as much time and effort: for example, the recommended camshaft adjustment at regular intervals will require you to separate the engine from the machine, and deeper scheduled maintenance every four years takes 72 hours.

Expensive? Then let's talk about something cheap, like tires. Compared to everything else, they will cost sheer nonsense: the equivalent of $1900 apiece. So that nothing bursts upon reaching a maximum of 420 km / h, the rubber must be in excellent condition, wherever the car is stored.

So as a preventive measure, it is recommended to change them every 16 months. And yes, if you puncture one tire on the road earlier, then you will have to change the entire set at once. From such a turn of events, it seems that even Ettore Bugatti himself would have skipped a beat.

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Although you can spend twice as much if you purchase another winter kit. Yes, Bugatti also has such tires: the manufacturer recommends the Pirelli Winter Sottozero 3 model, which, by the way, has a maximum speed index of 270 km/h.

The problem is that at a speed of over 400 km / h, hidden damage can also turn into trouble, microcracks in the metal of the rim, so it is also recommended to change them every 16,000 km.

Different-sized (20 inches in front and 21 inches in the back) disks will have to be replaced with the same brand new “rollers” for $47000. In other words, if Bugatti were car sharing, their wheels would have to be changed about six times a year.

For some reason, Bugatti owners do not use this opportunity - according to statistics, the average Chiron travels less than 2,000 kilometers a year, but still should always be ready for top speeds. So let's move on to the price list.

Calipers from Volkswagen Golf to Bugatti Chiron for some reason also do not fit, and a complete replacement of the front brake system with discs and calipers costs about $47000.

The windshield after a crack from a pebble will cost the equivalent of $56000. Worse, some parts of the hypercar periodically expire (!).

The fuel tank, for example, is recommended to be changed every five years for $42000, of which $20000 is worth the work - to get to any Bugatti part, you traditionally need to disassemble half a car.

Even Garrett turbines (about $6200 each) have a limited resource - but they can be used for up to 15 years before replacement. By the way, there are four of them in the Bugatti W16 engine, and the work to replace them is estimated at $8600. Replacing fuel tanks, oddly enough, will empty your wallet much faster.

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But how to avoid huge expenses? Alas, Black Fridays are not held at Bugatti, but after the first four years, you can get an extended Passeport Tranquillite warranty. And yes, you will have to pay some more money for it!

For just $68,500, you'll get four years of annual service and warranty extensions, although you'll still have to pay for any wear parts yourself. As well as for all sorts of little things like a new set of wiper blades, more than $1600!

By the way, Passeport Tranquillite is inherited and the new owner, if you sold the car or wrote in the will. Comfortable! As well as the car care kit included in the extended warranty package.

Used Bugatti body parts made of carbon and with an unexpected inscription Made in Italy cost from $6200 to $42000.

One way or another, dividing all these expenses by the number of trips on your favorite Chiron per year, and there will be, believe me, a little, you will receive such a stunning amount that even a billionaire will think about the expediency of such a vehicle.

I even knew one of these people. Considering that each gear change on his supercar, including all costs, costs the equivalent of $ 500, he could no longer get it out of his head and enjoy the rides. And although it was not a Bugatti, he still sold the car.

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