Saturday, November 27, 2021

Rally San Marino 2021


A San Marino Rally highly fought that of the 49 edition, where they are crossed, for the first time this season, the two major Championships: the (CIR) in the Italian Rally Championship Sparco 2021 and the CIRT (Italian Rally Championship, the Earth). In the end he won the crew more steady and fast, the duo Scandola-D'amore which, moreover, has won four of the nine special stages, leaving them two to Andreucci, two to Campedelli and one at the Bottom. The duo with the usual H -yundai i20 NG scuderia Movisport she took the head in the first part of the race and then sell it in “temporarily” to Andreucci , and then back to him in the last set-backs do so as to seal his third success in the race in san marino. While the constancy of the Shingle has been awarded, it cannot be said the same with the other protagonists, and at the end the place of honor was the prerogative of the ligurian Andolfi that with the Savoy had a Skoda Fabia R5 , which, thanks to a coefficient greater than expected for the race, took the head of the CIR running ahead Low in the last lines he was forced to retire. The third step of the podium for the bolivian Puflatsch (the little brother of the protagonist of the last edition), which, with the argentine Der Ohannesian to the notes has earned points for the CIRT with the Skoda Fabia R5. Good fourth of the young Enrico Oldrati that with Elijah Guio has done a race without errors gaining the fifth position in the CIRT. You could not miss the local Daniele Ceccoli that sailed from Cristina Blond, she took the fifth place, with the usual Skoda Fabia R5. Highlight the good performance of the Italian Junior champion outgoing Andrea Mazzotti that with Silvia Galeotti made his debut on earth with the most powerful Fabia R5 with respect to the Fiesta last season and sixth in the final standings. Andreucci-Pinelli (the latter in the head for two tests in the middle of the race and relegated to a penalty at a Time Control) had to settle for seventh position ahead of a regular Tonso-Bonato, both on the Skoda Fabia and the protagonists in the CIRT.
Another protagonist lingered for a drilling resulting in the replacement of the rubber in the test and the relative loss of precious time was Campedelli that with Rap and his VW Polo is demoted to ninth position overall.
The fight for the tenth square between the two crews in pink, at the end Molinaro-Capolongo on the Citroen C3 has gone before , "says the director-Arena on a similar car with a time both of great importance.
Among the protagonists include the withdrawal of Castenaro on the Hyundai I20 in the two tests from the term has undergone a flipping, and has had to abandon the race when he was behind the podium. Withdrawal also the reigning champion of the CIR Crugnola that he had to leave without ever getting in the race for the break-up of a shock absorber that denied the opportunity to recover valuable points in terms of the championship.
In the Italian Championship Junior in evidence the crew Daprà-Andrian that has struggled to win the final and at the end preceded Life-Bosi and Red-Ferrari all clearly with the high-performance Ford Fiesta Rally 4. With this result the trentino refers to a season with little results, and retrieves useful points while Red keeps the leading ship in the Junior Red in front of Cogni and Life paired in the second position after the race in san marino.
Bad luck for Trevisani is the protagonist of the Two-Wheel Drive , and forced to withdraw to problems with the power steering of his Peugeot 208.
The duo Goldoni-Mattioda instead, and won the special prize of the Italian Championship R1 with the Suzuki Swift Sport Hybrid in addition to strengthening its leader ship in the championship.
In the 6th San Marino Rally valid for the CIRTS (Italian Rally Championship, Earth Historical), the domain in the general ranking, and then in the four-wheel drive for the Lucky-Pons with the fabulous Lancia Delta Int. 16V , bringing to three the successes of the season on three races on the calendar.

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