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This Tesla Model Y owner has already owned two Model Y crossovers.

This Tesla Model Y owner has already owned two Model Y crossovers. If he wasn't happy with the first one, you'd better bet he wouldn't have bought another. Would he buy a third, if needed? Certainly, but that doesn't mean it's perfect. In fact, this owner makes the shortcomings of Model Y ownership clear, especially for people who are just placing their orders now.

YouTube influencer Bearded Tesla Guy says his 2021 Model Y has been an amazing car. Moreover, it has been a better EV than his 2020 Model Y, offering a more refined experience and an impressive 25,000 miles of trouble-free driving so far.

This owner raves about the Model Y's low costs for fuel and maintenance, which are especially helpful amid high gas price and inflation. While saving his family a notable amount of money, the electric crossover also provided the utmost in comfort and capability, making it solid option for daily use and long road trips.

Bearded Tesla Guy believes his Tesla SUV is worth every penny he paid for it, but he got it for a steal compared to what it costs today. When he ordered the 2021 version, it carried a base price of just $51,490. Today, a Model Y will set you back a bare minimum of $65,900 before any taxes and fees, and it could be a year before you can take delivery.

Sure, the Model Y is a good EV, at least according to many owners. However, nearly $70,000 is a whole lot of money for a car that likely won't be in your driveway until next summer. If you want a Model Y more quickly, you have to choose an even more expensive version, and Tesla continues to raise its prices. At this point, the Model 3 Standard Range is the only relatively affordable Tesla, and it's still almost $50,000.

If you're considering jumping on the Tesla bandwagon, check out the video to learn more. Perhaps it will help you decide if the Model Y is worth the premium price and the long wait.

The video is chock full of detailed information about the Model Y, and it's over 20 minutes long. If you already know about the Model Y and you're just interested in specific topics, check out the long list of chapters and timestamps below:

Intro: 00:00
Why Tesla Model Y?: 01:50
Our First Model Y vs. New Model Y: 02:19
Price then vs now: 02:49
Price outlook: 04:04
Cost of Ownership/Maintenance: 04:45
Depreciation: 06:06
Cost of Charging: 07:00
7 Seat Pros/Cons: 07:46
The Tesla "iPhone Experience": 10:32
Model Y Cargo Space: 11:02
Quality Improvements: 11:57
Tires: 12:23
White Interior: 13:46
Seat Height/Ease of Access: 14:39
Protecting the exterior: 15:27
Is it Worth Today's Price?: 16:34
The Bad Things: 17:46
Supercharging Network Changes Coming: 20:02
Final Takeaways: 21:46

American electric vehicle manufacturer Lucid Motor recently announced that it was cutting its production target for 2022 again, after it had previously been reduced from 20,000 to 14,000 units.

American electric vehicle manufacturer Lucid Motor recently announced that it was cutting its production target for 2022 again, after it had previously been reduced from 20,000 to 14,000 units. Now the EV maker has said that it only expects to manufacture between 6,000 and 7,000 Airs this year, prompting a strong ironic reaction from Elon Musk, a longtime critic of Lucid.
But while in the past Musk’s words towards Lucid were harsh and direct, this time the Tesla CEO chose to make a joke about it when replying to a tweet about the production cut. He said had more kids in Q2 than Lucid was able to produce cars, jokingly reminding everyone that he is a father of nine, most recently announcing that he is the father of previously unknown twins he had with a Neuralink exec from Canada.
Replying to a tweet about the Lucid production reduction forecast by known Tesla bull Gary Black, Elon Musk said he had more kids in Q2 than they (Lucid) made cars!
Lucid cited “extraordinary supply chain and logistic challenges” as the cause for the production plan change and not anything that the startup is in control of. The company delivered just 360 vehicles in the first quarter of 2022, 679 in Q2 and it reportedly assembled a total of 1,405 Airs in the first 6 months. Q2 revenue was also quite low, under $100 million, below initial industry analyst projections.
The manufacturer also says it has 37,000 Air reservations and it’s also working on its first ever SUV– the Gravity, which should provide an even better profit margin than the sedan. The Gravity may be shown by the end of this year, and if everything goes according to previously announced plans, it should go into production by next year, making Lucid vehicles appear to a much wider spectrum of buyers.

Tänak Ott / Järveoja M.

Tänak Ott / Järveoja M. (Hyundai i20 N Rally1) managed to keep the fragile lead and took the victory in Rally Finland 2022. At the end of the 22nd stage, the Estonian crew won by 6.8 seconds ahead of Rovanperä K. / Halttunen Jonne (Toyota GR Yaris Rally1).
No change from the previous day in third place are Lappi Esapekka / Ferm Janne (Toyota GR Yaris Rally1) with a gap of +1:20.7.
Fourth position and third in a row for Toyota is in the hands of the crew Evans Elfyn / Martin Scott (Toyota GR Yaris Rally1) +1:37.6.
First in RC2 and 8th overall are Suninen Teemu / Markkula Mikko (Hyundai i20 N Rally2), who took the win with a lead of just 7.7 seconds ahead of Lindholm Emil / Hämäläinen R. (Škoda Fabia Rally2 Evo).
The winner of the Power Stage was Kalle Rovanperä, who continues to lead convincingly in the general classification. The next round of the World Rally Championship is the Ypres Rally Belgium on 18-21 August 2022.

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